What Is Investing Brothers?

Investing Brothers is a blog dedicated to educating the average person how to invest in the stock market. We are two cousins with a passion for investment and helping others get started. We saw first hand the downfall and possibilities on one’s personal wealth from investing poorly and smartly. After educating family, friends, colleagues, we’ve decided to write our thoughts and strategies online for anyone else to learn. We’ve made all the mistakes in the books when it comes to investing and we want others to learn from our failures. Do not make the same mistakes we have, invest smartly.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Why invest?

We are helping to educate people how to make money investing in the market because we believe it is the simplest and fastest way for the average person to accumulate long term wealth. Having the goal of financial stability will give people freedom and peace of mind. If we can help you achieve that, it’s a worthwhile blog for us.

Why the stock market over others?

Investing in fixed income instruments such as CD’s, money market, or bonds can reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio, but it comes at a cost.  In the history of mankind, interest rate has never been this low.  So investment returns from fixed income will return a very low yield.  For people nearing retirement or wanting to reduce short term volatility, there is nothing wrong with investing in short term bonds or CD’s.  But for the purpose of this blog,  we will primarily be focused on a growth portfolio of stock investments. Historically, average annual return from stocks is about 10%.  That means stocks, on average, have doubled every 7 to 8 years. Over a period of many years, your small initial seed investments, can potentially be very meaningful.   

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen

What can you expect from us?

Everything will be our opinion and we don’t have any financial incentives to sell you any product so you get the raw truth. This will give you a starting point to make your own judgement.


Investing in the market is simple and easy (with the right knowledge and understanding). It’s not as hard as what investment professionals make it out to be. In the financial industry, there is an inherent conflict of interest. You the individual investor want to make as much money as you can. Investment institution are trying to make as much money as they can, from you. The advice you get from us is to benefit you, the investor. Let’s get started learning the world of investment.


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